Ladies Activities
Chair: Crystal Nabers

Deaconess Over Ladies Activities: Rhonda Russell

Fostering gospel-centered community among women through inviting people to New Life in Jesus.


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Ladies Prayer Group
Chairs: Martha Waltz and Pam Blair

 Deaconess Over Ladies Prayer Group:  Laura Shiley

Joining together in prayer for the needs of one another, our families, the church, and the world.



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Church Decorations
Chairs: Melissa Wilkins and Nicolette Powell

Deaconess Over Church Decorations:  Joy Czerwinski

Lifting up the church through the beauty of each season.

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Fellowship Committee
Co-Chair: Rebekah Yoder & Abbie Schmidt

Deaconess Over Fellowship: Jeanine Wilson

Committee Members: Chris Heatwole , Jené Reid, Leah Sparks, Alicia Esperon, Lena Fairless, Joyce Munz, 

Rhonda Russell, Betty Puffenbarger, Ruth Webb, Susan Hale, Mim Hall, Myrna Burnett.  

Facilitating church life together through food and fellowship.

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Ladies Bible Study
Chair: Jean Marinelli

Deaconess Over Ladies Bible Study: Laura Shiley

Providing Bible studies for women in the church and community.

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Care Committee

Deaconess Over Care Ministry - Maureen Deaton

Supporting the church body with love in times of need, crisis, and bereavement.

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Chair: Sallie Warren

Deaconess Over Communion: Kathy Botteicher

Preparing the elements of the Lord's Supper as needed.

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Deaconesses: Rhonda Russell, Jeanine Wilson, Laura Shiley, Kathy Botteicher, Joy Czerwinski, and Maureen Deaton

Providing leadership and spiritual support for the women's ministries within Staunton Alliance as we seek to invite people to New Life in Jesus.

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