Thank you for your willingness to help provide fellowship snacks!  Many people have expressed appreciation for the food provided and it is great watching people getting to know each other over your delicious food.  So a big….THANK YOU!!!   

Also please take a minute to review the changes to the Fellowship Time.  Scroll down to sign-up.


What the Church will be providing!

The church will continue to provide a fruit and vegetable tray each week (located in the refrigerator).  This provides some gluten free options.  They will also set up the Coffee, Tea, Tables, Plates, Napkin and Utensils.  All you have to do is come in and plug in the pots. Also make sure supplies are added if necessary once the fellowship time begins.

It is the responsibility of the individuals who have signed up to clean up all the coffee pots and put away any items that were not used.  

If your group would like to provide additional gluten free foods, that is welcome and appreciated.  Plan for 4-6 servings.  *(If you bring gluten free foods, please set them up by the drink table to help make sure they are reserved for those who need it as well as preventing contamination. Thank you!)*             

Tips and Tricks
Look at serving sizes on containers but remember that not everyone will take a full serving of everything so Plan for 75- 80 servings for your dish.                     
Provide 1 of something from 3 or 4 of the categories.  The below listed options are just to help give ideas and quantities.  You are welcome to do something completely different than the listed items!     
    1:  Salty:                                                                                                                                                               
Chips/pretzels – 4 bags.  (If you have a dip with it then more will likely be eaten.)
Crackers – Again, check serving sizes. 
If served with cheese or meat anticipate people taking 4-6 crackers                               
Trail mix                
2: Sweet:                                
Cake – 2 (9x 13) cakes cut into 8 x 5 slices                                
Brownies/Bars – 2 (9x 13 pans – 4 standard boxes) Cut into 8x 5 slices                               
Cookies – 6-8 dozen                               
Banana Bread – 3-4 loaves cut into 12 slices.  Cut each slice into ½.            
3: Protein:                                 
Meatballs – Anticipate people taking 2                               
Little smokies – Anticipate people taking 3-4                               
Meat slices – For standard lunch meat, cut each slice into 4 pieces.                                 
Cheese slices – Anticipate people taking 3-4 slices             
4: Savory                               
Muffins – 36-48 count- cut in ½                                
Tarts – 36-48 count if large enough to cut in ½                               
Tomato/basil/mozzarella cheese kebabs with balsamic                               
Herb bread/rolls                               
Google “savory recipes” and find a new dish!!
How to Sign-Up!

We are dividing up the sign-up for the food into 4 groups  (salty/sweet/protein/savory) to help the task not feel overwhelming and share the load!  We have close to 75-100 people coming for fellowship time.    

To help spread the work of providing food we are asking for 1 to 4 people to sign up for each week. If you are overly ambitious and want to provide all the food on your chosen Sunday, that's great! If you would like to share the load and provide 1 or 2 things on the Sunday you choose, that's great too! Many hands make light work! 

We re-worked the sign up page to have some ideas and suggestions and more details as requested by our food providers. If you have any questions about any of this feel free to ask a deaconess! Thanks for all the work and energy you put into this time! We've gotten some great feedback about it!


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